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Philippine Legal Service

For inquiries, please send an email to phlaw@nylegaloption.com

Our Philippine Legal Service is characterized by efficiency and cost-effectiveness, with particular attention to advising and explaining the Philippine laws, rules and regulations in the most straightforward and pragmatic manner. We place a premium on the practical approach, recognizing that such is both beneficial and advantageous to foreigners who wish to do, or have, business in the Philippines.

We provide legal services for any current or contemplated investment or transactions in the Philippines, through our associate Philippine-qualified lawyer, from advisory requirements to full execution. An introductory description of the general Philippine legal services is provided hereunder. Other specialized legal services not described may also be inquired via email.

Service of Summons

Our associate Philippine lawyer has extensive experience in service of summons in the Philippines for cases filed in the United States. Upon request of client, our associate Philippine lawyer can execute and notarize an affidavit of service in the United States Embassy in Manila and send the original copy via air courier.

Purchase and Investment in Philippine Companies

Before purchasing or investing in a Philippine company, it is advisable to conduct an inquiry into, or due diligence on, the target company before purchasing it or acquiring an interest therein to determine any hidden liability that may be shouldered by an investor or dilute the value of his investment. Inquiry or due diligence can also be conducted by our associate Philippine lawyer to determine target company legal compliance with regulatory impositions of government agencies such as but not limited to the Philippine Securities & Exchange Commission and the Bureau of Internal Revenue (the tax authority of the Philippines). An examination of the corporate books, records, executed contracts, and pending or threatened litigation issues may also be conducted.

Set-Up of Business in the Philippines

There are different modes through and by which a business may be undertaken in the Philippines depending on the type of business activity. Whether it be a simple business presence in the Philippines through a representative office or a full scale business through a Philippine corporation, our associate Philippine lawyer will guide you through the different legal options to determine the most suitable and efficient business venture platform.

Sale and Purchase of Philippine Real Estate and Other Properties

Ownership of Philippine real estate and other properties may be restricted by law to Philippine citizens or Philippine corporations. Our associate Philippine lawyer can provide guidance on the legal means to acquire properties in the Philippines and provide as well the proper documentation to reflect such ownership.

Philippine Corporate Law

The Philippine Corporation Code governs corporations incorporated in the Philippines, both stock and non-stock corporations. The government agency that regulates Philippine corporations is the Philippine Securities & Exchange Commission. Our associate Philippine lawyer can provide legal advise on any matter concerning Philippine corporations - from incorporation and election of directors and officers to dissolution.